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2013 Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors Affiliate of the Year

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1st Place

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Residential transactions consist of about 80% of our business. Our other practice areas are commercial real estate, limited liability company formation for real estate investors & others, title searching, reverse mortgages, wills & trusts and foreclosures. We want you to arrive at the closing table knowing what is going on. Your real estate attorney in CT should let you know how much money you will need to bring at least one day before closing.

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"Thank you, Chris & Valerie!!! By far, the easiest house closing I've ever participated in!!!!"

"We very much enjoyed working with you and everyone else on the team. I can see why you came so highly recommended. Best of luck to you."

Top Rated Real Estate Attorney

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Caitlin & Paul Hoernke, 07/20/2018

Chris' office added a personal touch. We felt like we were dealing with family. There weren't too many challenges. Just a quick closing. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He was very personal and treated us with courtesy and respect.  Another military member recommended him.  I felt empowered and in control. Everybody kept me updated on what was going on which made it a very smooth process.

Katri & Greg Batchelder, 05/14/2018

Chris has a spectacular support team who works with him! The best part was that we did everything long distance (from Virginia to Connecticut), but it felt like he was right there with us the entire way along! Every time we had questions, no matter whether we called or emailed, someone responded almost immediately with helpful information and all the answers we needed! They are a top notch group!  The greatest challenge was getting everything together we needed to close in about 2-3 weeks and doing it all long distance! Everything happened faster than we believed possible and everything went smoothly at closing, very impressive!

Amita and Chris Norton, 04/30/2018

Yes, we would recommend Chris! He is there for his clients, and his team makes sure you feel comfortable. His explanations are clear-cut. He is expedient, practical, and adept in his field. He is also very mindful and witty. His staff were on point always. The best thing he did, was helping us navigate through a contract for an owner to owner house sale. He pointed out several discrepancies in the contract that lead to us not buying that house, and that was before he was officially our lawyer. We eventually found a home better suited to us and our needs as a family.  We did not have any issues with closing. It was smooth sailing with the exception of a few delays on the part of our sellers and bank.

Kristina & Joseph Appold, 03/19/2018

As a Navy family, we appreciated his military background and thought it would be a good fit for us - we were right! We used his services for the purchase, re-finance and sale of our first home and then again for the purchase of our second home.  We were very impressed with the speed of the buying process. Chris is efficient and prepared. During the purchase of our first home and our re-finance, my husband was deployed and we needed a POA. Chris guided me through the process and made sure I had the proper documents for our closings.

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Top Rated Real Estate Attorney

Chris Albanese

- Member of Connecticut and New York bars

- Graduate University of Connecticut School of Law, 2001

- Board of Trustees, University of Connecticut, 1999-2002

- President, Rotary Club of Ledyard, Connecticut, 2003-2004

- Affiliate, Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors, 2001- Present

- Law Firm 100% Veteran owned

2013 Eastern  Connecticut Association of Realtors Affiliate of the Year
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