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REAL ESTATE Attorney Reviews

Randy & Meredith

What made you choose Chris as your real estate attorney?

Chris and my father have been doing business for years. I also work with my father, so I have first hand experience of Chris work.

How impressed were you with the speed of the buying process?

The speed was great, two weeks after title request was sent, I had everything in my email ready to close. The best part is the closing wasn't for another two weeks after that. Goes to show he is quick in doing his work even though he could have put it all off a few weeks.

What was the best thing Chris did to help you buy your home?

He explained everything so well, his staff is full of very competent people. They were helpful and there for us from day 1.

How was Chris able to help you overcome any challenges closing on your home?

Chris was great at making sure everything went smoothly, there were no challenges in the end but I know we were in good hands if there were.

Would you recommend my real estate services to friends, family, neighbors or coworkers? What would you tell them?

Yes, and I do. We tell al our borrowers if they do not have an attorney in place that he is the best in the business. I have personally worked with him for 5 years and we always received top notch service.

How did you find Chris?

My Father met him many years ago.

How did you feel throughout the whole buying process?

Very comfortable.

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