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Real Estate Attorney in Montville Connecticut

With over 15 years of experience, The Law Office of Chris Albanese has been providing efficient and trustworthy services as a real estate lawyer in Montville CT. We handle hundreds of closings ever year, and over 80% of our closings are residential properties. At The Law Office of Chris Albanese, you can rest assured in the help you can procure from a Montville real estate lawyer who has earned his highly-respected reputation.

How does a real estate transaction work?

Are you closing on your house, or going through a sale? Your Montville real estate attorney, Chris Albanese will help you navigate the legal system and set you on the right path with your real estate transaction. You may find yourself asking more about what a real estate attorney in Montville is supposed to do? Whether your buying or selling a home, you need an educated real estate attorney to ensure your rights are protected and your contracts are clearly defined.

What will a Montville real estate lawyer be needed for when selling?

In Montville Connecticut, all parties are customarily represented by an attorney. We do a lot for you.

  1. ‍ From the legal aspect, the biggest thing we do is review the title search information given to us by the buyers’ attorney and work with you to resolve any title issues.
  2. ‍From a practical aspect, we, along with your real estate agent, will keep track of your closing, and the outcome of the inspections done by the buyer.

What will a Montville real estate lawyer be needed for when buying?

  1. ‍From the legal aspect, we search the property’s title and to review it to ascertain whether the seller is able to convey good (“marketable”) title to you.
  2. If there are problems, we will work with the seller’s real estate attorney to help resolve them before we close.

One of the ways we differentiate ourselves is that we get your title search done early. Most other real estate lawyers in Montville CT wait until they get title commitment from the lender. While this is practical from a purely financial perspective, its downside is that title problems are not found until near the closing date. Title problems found early on are usually easy to resolve. Title problems found a week before closing cause nightmares; for you, us, and everyone else.

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