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Real Estate Attorney in Groton Connecticut

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At The Law Office of Chris Albanese, LLC, our goal is to offer you complete, efficient and trustworthy legal services. Our real estate attorney in Groton CT, Chris Albanese is a retired navy chief attorney with over 15 years of experience as a real estate lawyer in Groton CT. Our experienced attorney, Chris Albanese a retired navy chief lawyer, will personally consult with you regarding your closing and inform you on the need for prompt service when a real estate transaction is involved. 

Groton Real estate Attorneys are needed for complex transactions on a day-to-day basis. The onslaught of short sales and foreclosures have made a difficult job even tougher. That's why we work closely with our local clients of Groton to provide personal and professional assistance. Because of Chris Albanese's experience working as a real estate attorney in Groton CT, and searching thousands of titles over the years, he has gained personal knowledge of the land, properties and its owners.

Your Groton CT real estate attorney will advocate for your interests if the transaction requires. Connecticut is also called a table funding state.  This means that the Buyers' side and Sellers' side of the transaction occur simultaneously. Your real estate lawyer will help resolve any last minute issues, the loan is funded, the seller is paid with title transferred, all at the table.

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