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Real Estate Attorney in New London Connecticut

The New London CT real estate attorney at Law office of Chris Albanese handle all legal matters for real estate transactions. We personally sit with each individual client, and consulting regarding their closings and recognize the need for prompt service when a real estate transaction is involved. Our experienced real estate attorneys in New London collectively handle hundreds of residential closings for buyers, sellers and lenders every year.

Our real estate lawyer in New London recognizes that each transaction is unique and deserves individual attention. Our real estate attorney services at The Law Firm of Chris Albanese help make every transaction as easy and efficient as possible. Our experienced paralegals are an important part of the team and provide valuable assistance and skillfully coordinate all of the aspects of your real estate transaction.

What you may want to know about real estate attorney services in New London CT.

It is essential that you have the New London CT real estate attorney involved on your side of the transaction approve the addition of the language into your contract. Buying your home may be one the biggest investments of your life which will take up much of your time and energy before you reach the closing table. It is important that you understand what your duties are in the transaction, and we're here to help.

Your real estate attorney should do a Title Search.

Have you made the decision to purchase a home? A title search is the process of determining from the public record just what these rights are and who owns them. A New London real estate attorney will do a title search to determine that the person who is selling the property really has the right to sell it. For example, check out one of our Waterford roofing company clients, BP Builders.

We will prepare your closing documents.

Before closing on a mortgage you can expect to receive federally mandated documents and contractual documents. A real estate lawyer in New London should help you go over these documents.

A New London Real Estate Attorney will take care of loan settlements.

Document prepared by a lending institution and presented to the borrower at the loan-closing time, showing the amount and frequency of the installments for the loan repayment.

More information.

We will communicate with your Realtor, sellers' real estate attorney, mortgage broker (if applicable), lender and other third parties to coordinate the closing on your new home.

We review your mortgage loan documentation generated by your Lender.

Your CT real estate attorney should explain loan documentation.

A real estate lawyer will represent you and your lender at the closing.

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