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Real Estate Attorney in Waterford Connecticut

Do you need help with a legal matter? You've come to the right place to find an awarded Waterford real estate attorney. Residential transactions consist of about 80% of our business. Our other practice areas are commercial real estate, limited liability company formation for real estate investors & others, title searching, reverse mortgages, wills & trusts and foreclosures. At The Law Office of Chris Albanese, we’re your Waterford real estate law firm, boasting more than 15 years of experience representing our clients for all real estate transactions.

What separates us from other real estate lawyers in Connecticut?

Our firm was "The Day's Best on New London  #Top-ranked Solo Practitioner and #2 Attorney in Connecticut."  Upon receipt of your contract, as real estate lawyers in Waterford, we immediately go to work for you. Our entire office staff will be pleased to assist you from start to CLOSE of your real estate transaction. At the Law Office of Chris Albanese, you will have a close-knit law firm help you have the smoothest experience as possible.

What laws do I need to know when buying a house?

Buying your home may be one the biggest investments of your life which will take up much of your time and energy before you reach the closing table. It is important to know what you can about the process, and a real estate lawyer in Waterford CT is here to do just that.

How much money do I need at my closing?

Your Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs is a document your lender is required to give you and should give you a good idea of the amount you will have to bring to closing. It is important to have a Waterford real estate lawyer go over your Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs to ensure you are protected, and the that the document clearly defines the agreement. However, this document doesn't tell you everything, you'll want a qualified real estate attorney in Waterford CT to help you through this process. In addition to what your GFE tells you, you will have to pay for prorated taxes, heating oil or propane and whatever inspections you decide to have done. For example, check out one of our Waterford roofing company clients, BP Builders.

Do I need a real estate attorney?

When going through any real estate transaction, you must hire an educated trustworthy Waterford real estate lawyer. A Waterford Connecticut real estate lawyer is needed for the following:

Title Searches

We will also insure good title through a title insurance company for you, if you choose, and or your lender (you must buy it to get a loan). We STRONGLY recommend that you purchase a "title-plus" Owner's Policy of title insurance with extended coverage benefits. Find out what I title search is, and why it is so important for a real estate attorney to preform one.

Contract Review

In most Connecticut real estate transactions the contract is signed without Waterford CT real estate attorney review. If you have not signed a contract, you may want to have your real estate agent include a provision in any contract you sign that allows you to have us approve your contract.

We want you to arrive at the closing table knowing what is going on. You should know how much money you will need to bring at least one day before closing. For more information our services as a real estate attorney in Waterford CT, please Contact Us.

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