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The Landry Family

What made you choose Chris as your real estate attorney?: We had used Chris in selling our home before we purchased a new one. The selling process was super simple an easy. So of course we looked to him again when purchasing our new home!

How impressed were you with the speed of the buying process?: We started the process and then a little thing called Corona virus took over and everyone had to quarantine. Chris was great and kept us up to date on everything even though the bank process was slowed because everyone was working from home.

What was the best thing Chris did to help you buy your home?: Chris' office was on top of everything! There were issues with the bank and they realized it and let us know what had happened right away. Everyone was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable.

How was Chris able to help you overcome any challenges closing on your home?: There were communication issues with the loan officer and bank. Anytime we had questions or concerns Chris was there to try to help get us answers.

Would you recommend my real estate services to friends, family, neighbors or coworkers? What would you tell them?: I would highly recommend Chris Albanese. He is very personable and takes your questions and concerns seriously. He is great at communicating and putting your mind at ease when things may go awry in the process. Closing was a breeze and so quick!

How did you find Chris?: Word of mouth.

How did you feel throughout the whole buying process?: While we were stressed about not hearing from the bank Chris made it easier for us by staying on top of everything that we could control. He always got back to us quickly and that helped put us at ease.

Is there anything notable you would like to mention about working with Chris?: I would say that Chris feels like someone you've known for a long time. He just has this ease about him. It gives you a calming sense that everything is going to work out.

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