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Spangler Family

In 2019 we welcomed our third son into the family. Now, as parents of 3 boys under three, we became acutely aware that our condo was not going to survive our tiny tornadoes! As first time homebuyers who were relatively new to the area there was a lot of anxiety about making sure we navigated the home buying process successfully (the first time).

When we reached out to Chris Albanese and his team we weren’t sure what to expect or what was expected of us. From the very beginning Chris and his team made us feel completely at ease. We felt like a part of the family and appreciated how Chris could personally relate to us as a fellow submariner. There were so many (high) hurdles in the process but in the end the Albanese team made it appear effortless. They tied up all our loose ends and enabled us to quickly transition from a teeny condo to beautiful house for our family to grow into. The ability to watch our boys run though the fall foliage and giggle at discovering their own personal wishing well was priceless.

Looking back we so appreciated the personal touches, level of integrity and attention to detail. Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience!

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