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Name: Esteban & Alexis Ramirez

What made you choose Chris as your real estate attorney?:

My husband was about to deploy and needed an attorney that would take the time to sit with him and answer some questions since he wouldn't be present at the time of closing. We both had heard stupendous things about Chris, so he have him a call and was able to see him the next day. After the meeting, my husband was convinced Chris Albanese was the most reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable attorney out there!

How impressed were you with the speed of the buying process?:

This was our second home purchase and by far the fastest one. I was honestly expecting a delay on the closing since my husband deployed a week after meeting with Chris, however, all involved on the closing worked together and kept great communication throughout the process.

What was the best thing Chris did to help you buy your home?:

Chis was amazing from the beginning. He was able to verify our POA and approve it even before we had our contract signed with him. This act just shows how Chris looks out for his clients interest.

Would you recommend my real estate services to friends, family, neighbors or coworkers? What would you tell them?:

I would most certainly recommend him, we've already had! Chris Albanese office went above and beyond ensuring we understood every single thing in the process of buying our home. At all times, I was comfortable picking up the phone and knowing I would get a definite answer. Even though I was stressed because my husband was deployed at the time, I was always at ease when I would see their update emails come in.

How did you find Chris?:

I had attended to a Mortgage seminar at Navy Federal Credit Union and Chris Albanese was part of the presenters.

How did you feel throughout the whole buying process?:

I was nervous of missing deadlines since my husband had pre-signed documents and a missed deadline would of cost us losing our home, however his team worked hard for this not to occurred.

Is there anything notable you would like to mention about working with Chris?:

I was awestruck with how personable and humble he and his whole office staff were.

Are they any last comments you would like to add?:

I am extremely happy we chose Chris Albanese as our attorney. He met our expectations from the get-go.

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