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Caitlin Houser

[00:00:03] Hi I'm Caitlin Hauser and I utilize Chris Albanese service in January for the closing of our house. [7.5]

[00:00:11] I heard about Chris through our agent. She gave me a list of people to check out and reference. And when I was going through I realized that Chris had come highly referred to from other agents and he was also military so it made me want to meet him and see what he had to offer. [19.6]

[00:00:32] After meeting him I realized he was more involved than other lawyers I had had in the past for a previous purchasing of houses. And he just felt more like home. I don't know really how to explain he's kind of just felt like family and he felt like from the very start he had our best interests at heart. He understood what it was like to have a military spouse that wasn't gonna be really a big part of the process. Which is stressful. And he kind of took away that stress right from the start. [30.9]

[00:01:05] I would definitely recommend Chris to others. He is just top notch his integrity is number one. And you can totally tell that with all of his work he just puts 100 percent in and he's always available if you have questions. We ran into a couple bumps throughout the process and. I would either shoot him a quick email or call him and he would you know even message me on his private number and say hey I got this but I'm in you know closing right now I'll get right back to you. Or he'd have his office staff could talk to me and I always felt like no matter what I needed he was there 100 percent of the time. [33.8]

[00:01:40] Of all the people that I've ever worked with Chris has always been. There to support us no matter if it was me being stressed out I was pregnant during the process and my husband was gone a lot and he just always made sure to make me feel like I was family and that no matter what he would make sure that we got to close on time. I had the baby within two weeks of closing and he made sure to say that day of even when we ran into bumps. Listen this is what's got to happen we've got to close that I don't make sure it happens for you which made me feel good knowing that not only was my lawyer there for me but he was also in our side in our corner making sure that we were taking care of the entire time. [39.1]


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