What is an LLC?

What is an LLC? Simply put, an LLC is the easiest business structure. Unlike an s corp or c corp, an LLC's structure is flexible. It also gives you the perk of pass-through taxes, limited liability (obviously), and legal protection for your personal assets. Plus the added benefit of looking more legit than the other guys.\

Why would I want an LLC for my business?

There are quite a few reasons that you'll want to start an LLC, here a are a few that stand out.

  • Pass-through taxes. There's no need to file a corporate tax return. Owners report their share of profit and loss on their individual tax returns, meaning you avoid double taxation.
  • No residency requirement. Owners need not be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • Legal protection. Owners have limited liability for business debts and obligations.
  • Enhanced credibility. Partners, suppliers, and lenders may look more favorably on your business when you've formed an LLC in CT.

Are you looking for a attorney to setup your LLC?

Simply the biggest factor in starting a business is to understand is that you become personally liable for their actions unless you take actions to shield each other by forming a legal business entity. By far the easiest and most popular way to do so is by forming a Limited Liability Company ("LLC"). Give us a call. We'll help you get it done.

Law Office of Chris Albanese
February 23, 2017