Tips For Buying A New Construction Home

Tips For Buying A New Construction Home

Today's home buyers want modern upgrades and multiple use spaces combined with open floor plans, which is why many home buyers are choosing new construction homes. New construction homes with custom details and upgrades allow home buyers to create the home they've been dreaming of. However, buying a new construction home is very different from buying an existing home. That's why home buyers who are purchasing a new construction home should have a real estate lawyer CT. Home buyers that are planning on purchasing new construction home can use these tips to make sure they get the home of their dreams at a great price:

Find Your Own Agent

Often new construction home companies will have a real estate agent that works with them closely to help buyers understand the unique process of buying a new construction home. But that agent may not have the buyer's interests as a priority. New home buyers should find their own agent or work with a reputable real estate lawyer CT to make sure that their interests are protected during the purchase of a new construction home.

Don't Be Afraid To Negotiate

The price of new construction homes is often fixed without any wiggle room. However, you can negotiate for other fees and costs to help lower the overall cost of a new construction home. A great real estate lawyer CT can help homebuyers negotiate to have their closing costs paid, or have fees for customizing their home lowered, or to have the company pay inspection and other fees. Negotiating down some of the costs and fees associated with a new customized home can give buyers some financial breathing room and make it easier to afford the custom upgrades that you want.

Beware Of Hidden Costs

Often when buyers see a model home at a new construction development the home they see contains a mixture of features and finishing. Some will be included in the base price of the home and others will be upgraded. When you see a model home perfectly finished, it can be easy to forget that all of those upgrades come with a cost. Ask for a list of upgrades and fees as well as a list of what is included in the base price of the home so you will know the cost of all those fancy upgrades and finishing. If the builder is reluctant to give out those lists an experienced real estate lawyer CT can help buyers get the information they need to make the best choice for their budget.

Make Sure You Understand The Warranty

New construction homes come with a warranty that should give buyers some peace of mind. Not all warranties are the same though, and not all warranties will cover significant problems that could arise. Before you sign a contract for a new construction home, it's always smart to have a real estate lawyer CT look over the sales contract, the warranty, and other paperwork related to the purchase of the house. Having an experienced real estate lawyer look over all the purchase paperwork and go over with it will ensure that you fully understand what is covered by the warranty and what isn't before you sign the sales contract.

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April 20, 2019