Staging and its Benefits for the Homeowner

Staging and its Benefits for the Homeowner

If you're in the process of selling your home, you may have heard about staging your home. What this means is that you create an ideal interior of your house to attract buyers to your property, thereby accelerating the homebuying process. You may have been recommended by a real estate attorney CT or other real estate professionals to stage your home, as it comes with a number of benefits. In this article, we will cover the main advantages of staging your home before putting it on the market, including:

  • creating a higher selling price
  • accelerating the selling process
  • exposes any last-minute fixes
  • aids in the moving process
  • provides closure for selling the property

Read on to learn more about home staging.

Benefit #1: Creates a Higher Selling Price

First and foremost, staging your home ultimately creates a higher selling price than if you had stripped the house to its bare walls and flooring. According to research from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, properly-staged homes can sell up to 17% more than a non-staged home. For a home priced at $200,000, this means an extra $34,000—not too shabby, considering the price of professional home staging companies is only a fraction of that.

As you may know, home staging enables potential buyers to imagine how they would picture daily life in the home. When staging a home, each piece of furniture and accent demonstrates to buyers what the purpose of the room could be used for. The more that you can stoke a buyer's interest with your home's key selling factors—i.e., a cozy den, an ornate living room, a luxurious master bedroom—the higher the price a buyer is willing to negotiate for.

Benefit #2: Homes are Sold Faster

Also included in the research from U.S. Housing and Urban Development's research was the fact that staged homes spend over 70% less time on the market. Similarly, RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) corroborated this fact in a study that showed 174 homes that were previously listed for over 150 days before the homeowner gave up their attempts to sell their property on their own; however, when they called a professional home staging company, those same homes that were now staged and re-listed sold in an average of 6 weeks—which is 73% less time on the real estate market. Of course, you may want to consult your real estate attorney CT for a list of reputable home staging companies, as they'll have first-hand knowledge of which companies can expedite your home's sale.

Benefit #3: Exposes Any Last-Minute Fixes

Another benefit of clearing your possessions from home is that you can gain a sense of what remains on making your home sellable and appealing before officially putting your home on the market. Depending on how long you've spent in your home, you may have grown accustomed to your home's idiosyncrasies. Unfortunately, those same elements of character can ward off buyers or drastically reduce your selling price. Luckily, when you remove your belongings and put on your home's best aesthetics, you can concentrate your efforts on fixing up your home. After all, a fresh coat of paint is a lot easier to apply without all of your valuables collected over the years in your way.

Benefit #4: Aids in the Moving Process

One of the big problems of selling your home is transferring your possessions from your former home to a new home—or at the very least, storage space in the interim. By staging your home, you can expedite the moving process, as you take active steps in transitioning to a new residence. Moving can be chaotic enough. If you or your family tend to wait to the last-minute, home staging can ensure that everyone is onboard for actually moving.

Benefit #5: Provides Closure for your Former Home

As mentioned before, the process of selling your home can be an emotional one, and no one wants to have seller's remorse. Any real estate attorney CT will tell that leaving the memories and events that are tied to a home can be hard. By furnishing your property with rental furniture or by minimal belongings, you can help depersonalize the place where you may have to spend years or even decades.

Why Stage?

There is never a second chance to make a first impression. Buyers will typically only take 15 seconds to decide on your property. Why leave that first impression to chance?

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March 15, 2019