How To Make Sure Your First Home Is A Safe Home

How To Make Sure Your First Home Is A Safe Home

One of the biggest concerns that new home buyers have is making sure that the home they buy is in a safe area and that the home is safe. For homebuyers that are moving to a new area that they aren't familiar with this is an even more significant concern. Always tell your real estate lawyer CT your worries and rely on the expertise of your real estate lawyer CT to make sure that the home you choose is safe. But there are also some signs that you can look for when you are touring properties that will let you know if the neighborhood and the home are safe or not. Look for these signs to make sure that you end up in a safe new home:

School Ratings

Always ask your real estate lawyer CT about the school ratings in a particular neighborhood, even if you don't have kids that are school age or have kids at all. High school ratings generally mean that the neighborhood is safe and family-friendly. Also, ask about school enrollments. If enrollments are growing, it means more people are moving into the area, but if enrollments are shrinking, it means people are moving away, possibly because of an unsafe neighborhood.

Check How Many Homes Are For Sale

If you're looking at a home in a new planned community, it isn't a red flag if there are many homes for sale because the community is new and growing. But, if you're looking at homes in an established neighborhood and there are many homes for sale on the same street or in the same neighborhood that could be an indication that there is a problem in the neighborhood.

Unkempt Properties

Not every homeowner is going to keep their home and property looking perfect at all times, and that's not an indication of a problem, according to a real estate lawyer CT. However, if you notice that multiple houses on the street have chipped and peeling paint, shoddy roofs, overgrown grass, debris in the yards, and the houses look run down and unkempt that's a red flag you should take seriously. Even if the neighborhood is safe to run-down houses and properties will lower the property value of your home if you buy in that neighborhood.

Empty Homes Or Storefronts

If there are several empty or abandoned homes or storefronts in a neighborhood, it's probably a neighborhood you should avoid. Empty homes can be raided for the materials in the homes like copper from the pipes that can be sold. And empty storefronts mean that the neighborhood used to be prosperous but isn't now and is probably in decline. Unless the real estate lawyer CT you're working with can explain why there are empty homes and storefronts in a neighborhood, you should probably look at properties in a better neighborhood, especially if you're planning on having a family.

Security Doors And Windows

Some homeowners install cast-iron security door and window overlays because they like them. But if you look at a property where every house in the neighborhood has fences, security doors, and secured windows that's a good sign that the neighborhood could be unsafe.

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July 19, 2019