Do I need a Real Estate Attorney in CT to Buy?

In order to make a sound agreement that you can feel protected and comfortable with, you will need a professional real estate lawyer in CT to help you buy your home.

Services provided by a real estate attorney when buying a home:

  • Title search - A title search is a necessary step before purchasing any real estate property. You can learn more about what I title search is here.
  • Prepare your closing Documents - Before closing on a mortgage you can expect to receive federally mandated documents and contractual documents that a CT real estate attorney will go over.
  • Loan Settlement - Document prepared by a lending institution and presented to the borrower at the loan-closing time, showing the amount and frequency of the installments for the loan repayment
  • A real estate attorney will communicate with your Realtor, sellers' real estate attorney, mortgage broker (if applicable), lender and other third parties to coordinate the closing on your new home
  • Review your mortgage loan documentation generated by your Lender
  • Explain loan documentation
  • Represent you and your lender at the closing
Law Office of Chris Albanese
February 21, 2017