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Wills and Trusts Attorney Services in CT

Attorney Chris Albanese is one of the top attorneys for any matter related to Wills and Trusts in Connecticut (CT), whether it's a requirement for trust attorney or trust lawyer or will preparation, etc.



We will happily prepare your Will, Durable Health Care Power of Attorney/Living Will and General Power of Attorney (durable but will only go into effect if you are found to be incompetent).

Most important considerations:

  • ‍Younger people: Guardianship of children
  • ‍Middle-aged: Wealth distribution
  • Older folks: Long-term health care

Functions of Will and Probate:

  1. ‍Transfer Wealth
  2. ‍Clear Title
  3. ‍Protection from Creditors; paying taxes
  4. ‍Fulfilling the intent of the decedent
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